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Monday, March 29, 2004

On Saturday, March 27 in the early morning hours, Buck-O-Nine was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of instruments, T-Shirts & CD's. The incident took place in Las Vegas Nevada at the San Remo Casino Parking Garage sometime between 3 am and 9 am. Some crackhead scumbags smashed the window of our truck and looted us.

The items stolen were:
1 Marshall JCM 900 guitar amplifier with buck o nine stickers on it. The amp was in a heavy duty black flight case that had "Jonas - Buck-O-Nine" stenciled in paint on it

1 Trombome in a red flight case with a ton of stickers on it. The flight case had the name Dan Albert carved into it.

1 Selmer Tenor Saxophone in a black flight case with a ton of stickers on it. The flight case had the name Craig Yarnold carved into it.

12 dozen black buck o nine T Shirts in various sizes. The T shirts were all short sleeve with a buck o nine logo on them

4 dozen white buck o nine t shirts with an illustrated picture of buck o nine

30 buck o nine CD's - Barfly, Key of Bree, Libido, Pass the dutchie.

3 dozen buck o nine embroidered patches.

You can help us find the jerk off's who did this! If you see any auctions on ebay featuring our amp or horns, please let us know! If you see anyone in the Las Vegas area selling anything like what we described, please let us know! If you see the t-shirts or CD's being sold in bulk somewhere on ebay or in the newspaper or on the internet, please let us know!

If you help us catch these guys, we will give you a reward of CASH, CD'S, T-SHIRTS & FREE BUCK-O-NINE TICKETS FOR LIFE!!!!

Please help us if you can. email us with any leads or other information to

Thank You!


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