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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hey Palooka


For those of you who check out this Buck O Nine Blog, yes, we are still alive. We are just hibernating. The latest news is that out bass player, Andy, has dug through 100+ hours of videos and edited them down to one action packed hour of Buck O Nine antics. Here's what Andy had to say about it...

"It's an hour of everything from: 99 tours, Europe, Seattle, Vegas, San Diego and L.A. -etc, and Rehearsal and Recording sessions, with never seen before footage in all categories. Sifting over 100 hours and 72 tapes of footage there is quite a collection of material including the new song Sailing."

Sounds pretty cool! This is an item we will eventually have available for you to check out. We'll eventually get some clips to stream from our site

There are a few recordings of new Buck O Nine songs recorded at Tony's IHS Studio. We will work on getting those released too, probably in MP3 format so you can slap 'em on your ipod.

That's all for now. Adios!!


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