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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Dawg Days of Summer...

It's the night before the official release date for "Sustain" and we're stoked!

Yesterday we played at X-Games 13 in Los Angeles, and we had a blast. Everyone on the X-Games staff was super-cool, and the people who watched us play really made it worth the early morning trip up the 405 to Carson.

We got to see some killer skateboarding, and thrilling "Dukes of Hazzard" style rally-car racing over in the stadium before heading home last night. We also got to hang out with Union 13's manager and talk about the ska scene in Mexico and South America. Then Efram from Death By Stereo stopped by for a chat. Overall, a great day. We should be adding some video blogs from the event soon.

No time to catch our breath, however, because Thursday we hit the road for more shows as we celebrate the release of "Sustain" with several CD release events in Hollywood, San Francisco, San Jose, and of course San Diego. The San Diego show will be special because legendary band fluf will be playing with us. I don't think they have played together in quite some time.

We look forward to seeing people at the CD release shows. Remember, at the Hollywood, San Francisco and San Diego shows, everyone who buys a ticket also gets a free copy of "Sustain." So even if you've already grabbed it via BitTorrent, you should still get a real copy, if for nothing more than the fact that our guitar player Jonas did all the artwork!

Come out and buy us Jaeger shots! Latez for now...


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