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Thursday, March 10, 2005

More Video Clippage

YO! I recently did a scan of the 'ole C Drive and I found some video clips from last Spring. Andy brings his camera to every show and records from the stage. We get some cool footage. Right now the clips are in WMV format, so sorry to everyone on a Mac who can't see it. In the future I will get them rendered as Quicktime.

Here is a clip of us playing MY TOWN at the Malibu Inn. Notice the "aeroba-skanker" on stage the entire time. It's great to see everyone have a blast when they come on stage. The only thing is that when we were kids and checked out our favorite bands, if we went up on stage, we were up there for like 5 seconds and then did a stagedive. That's the original idea. You know circle pits and stage dives. Granted, what we play isn't exactly Punk Rawk but we've seen plenty of pits and divers at our shows. Just food for thought ;-)

Here's a SELF GRATUITOUS CLIP of our set-ending song, Barfly. The kids chanting for more is the best feeling around!

Here is a clip of Jonas making fun of a total GUMP. If someone in Buck-O-Nine calls you a GUMP or says you GUMPED OUT, that means you are a BARNEY. Not quite an idiot, just pretty much a clueless person. I think he was inspired by his new Supersuckers T-Shirt that says "Mofo's Be Trippin'" which pretty much sums up the idea of GUMPING OUT. Turns out this guy is the manager of the opening band. We feel sorry for them!


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