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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Summer Recap!

Ok, so even though summer isn't quite over yet, it sure feels like it's been packed with enough action to fill up two summers!

After our first string of CD release parties, we returned to San Diego the following week for a sold-out show at the world famous Casbah. Opening the show was a newer local ska band called The Lifters, who have recently relocated to San Diego from somewhere north of here. Judging by their performance, I'd say they are a promising band and we should see good things from them.

After The Lifters, one of the best San Diego bands ever, fluf, took the stage and rocked the house solid! A few days after the show, we were speaking with O and he said that one or more of the tables at the Casbah got ripped out of the ground, and he had never seen anything like that happen at the club before. That is kinda trippy, considering some of the bands I've seen there before, like SLF, The Muffs, etc.

A couple of weeks later and it was back on the road for a few days as we joined up with the Warped Tour for its final four shows of 2007. Things started off rough in Fresno, with tremendous heat and a late set time that had us on stage at the same time as Flogging Molly and Coheed and Cambria. Still, the people who showed up to the Ernie Ball stage to watch us had a good time, and we enjoyed playing for them.

Onward from Fresno, we headed to Marysville and had a fun show before hitting the road for a 10 hour trip back to San Diego. The following day was absolutely the best Warped show for us, as the San Diego fans came out in force to listen, dance and sing along. We were extra energized for this show, and we really fed off the energy of the crowd. It turns out we were camped out in the parking lot right next to Adrian from No Doubt, who had taken a detour from a camping trip to spend the day at Coors Amphitheater watching his brother's band play.

Finally, we rolled up the 405 to Carson (familiar territory for us after just recently playing X-Games there) for the final show. Once again, Los Angeles came out and showed their support for us, and we had a great time. Highlights of the day included seeing Fishbone tear it up, watching old-school punk bands like Adolescents and Circle Jerks, and getting to talk with Norwood from Fishbone backstage. He's a cool guy, and his personality off stage is just as vibrant as it is onstage.

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