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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sustain CD Release Shows Part I

We're currently driving south on I-5, heading home from Stockton, CA. We'd like to thank everyone who came out to party it up at the CD release shows! Friday night at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco was a very memorable show for us, and we feel it was probably our most fun playing in S.F. ever. Also, we had a blast playing with Bomb the Music Industry, Chotto Ghetto, Flip the Switch, Monkey, Dead End Darlings, Telecommandos, and all the other bands who performed with us over the last three nights.

Highlights of the trip include...

*Realizing in Hollywood that every single page of the Sustain CD booklet is black, and that we'd have to get special sharpie pens that write in silver ink to write on them (sign autographs). Yes, this was perhaps our most "Spinal Tap" moment of recent memory.

*Bringing our own beer into one of the clubs to drink so it wouldn't go to waste!

*Jaeger shots before, during and after the San Francisco show. That's right, we had our own bottle on stage.

*Listening Mike Park talk about the prison basketball league he plays in. Mike had an early game at San Quentin prison on Saturday!

*Grabbing burritos to go at Balazo on Haight Street - can't go wrong with the Super Burrito! We drove around Haight-Ashbury and then the wharf for what seemed like hours trying to find a parking space. Thanks to the huge SF Dragons lacrosse game going on at Kezar stadium, we couldn't find parking anywhere!

*Crossing the Bay Bridge no less than three different times while trying to meet up with Tony yesterday on route to Stockton. We were hoping an earthquake would strike at least once and make the day more interesting.

*Late-night drinking session after the Stockton gig in the motel parking lot...we actually made it to bed before sunrise this time!